We Singaporeans are fuelled by passion, love for food and we are always on the hunt for the next exciting thing. But, did you know that our neighbour, Thailand, has everything that we’re constantly seeking for!

Thailand is a multifaceted world filled with excitement, vitality and warmth. The exhilarating side of Thailand is not just found in the places you might visit, but also in the tempo of its people and culture. We want to invite you to experience Thailand beyond its tourism facade; let loose and relax those shoulders, go with the flow and embrace that “Thainess” that we might surprisingly discover within ourselves. Together, let’s groove to the rhythm of Thailand and experience the Thai way in Thailand!

She stays cool and shops on, and on, and on. She is a shopaholic that rises above the frenzied crowds to seize those sweet sweet deals in a wholesale manner.

He is a critter-certified food enthusiast who challenges the norm and dares to sink his taste buds into a whole new realm of exoticism and bizarreness.

He firmly believes that optimism is the greater good for happiness. As a joy-seeker, he makes it his virtue to play hard, play smart, and play with style.

What better way is there to experience the Thai way, except to walk in their shoes! In collaboration with TAKEMETOUR, we have curated a set of experiential tours that not only allows you to do as the Thais do, but also add a delectably Thai flavour to spice up your trip!

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